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Annett Louisan

Annett Louisan (born on 2 April 1977, in Havelberg) is a German singer. She lives in Berlin, Germany. Louisan is her stage name, derived from the name of her grandmother, Louise. Annett Louisan plays a wide variety of music with blues, soul, jazz and swing. The lyrics of her songs are mostly about love, failure and disappointment.


Unausgesprochen (front cover)


Gedacht ich sage Nein 

Gedacht ich sage Nein (lyrics)



Läuft alles perfekt 

Eve (lyrics)


Der den ich will 

Der den ich will (lyrics)


Ausgesprochen Unausgesprochen 

Ausgesprochen Unausgesprochen (lyrics)



Fettnapfchenwetthupfen (lyrics)