One Week Excercise Routine


Are you ready? Let's do some excercise. You need at least 30-60 minutes of excercise per day.


Beginner level

Figurerobics 1 by Jung Dayeon (whole body)

Intermedium level (with weights)

Figurerobics 2 by Jung Dayeon-dumb bell (upper body)

Intermedium level

Twenty Minutes Full Body Workout, Low Intensity and Fat Burnning


Tuesday and Thursday

Intermedium level

Total body workout with Danielle Peazer

Beginner Level

Short Hip-pop workout with Danielle Peazer (lower body)




Advance level

1 Hour Core Workout Routine with Rebecca Kennedy - Functional Fitness

Advance level

Ten Minutes Core Workout



Figurerobics 5 by Jung Dayeon (ab and lower body, floor excercise)


10 Minutes Belt Workout

Advance level

Ten Minutes Full Body HIIT Workout


Saturday and Sunday

Get out of house, run/hiking 2-5 minles. Enjoy!

or try some high intensity work out and yoga.

Fat Burn Workout with Denise Austin (intermedian level)

Yoga Fit with Denise Austin (beginner level)