One Week Excercise Routine


Are you ready? Let's do some excercise. You need at least 30-60 minutes of excercise per day.


Beginner level

Figurerobics 1 by Jung Dayeon (whole body)

Intermedium level (with weights)

Figurerobics 2 by Jung Dayeon-dumb bell (upper body)


Tuesday and Thursday

Intermedium level

Total body workout with Danielle Peazer

Beginner Level

Short Hip-pop workout with Danielle Peazer (lower body)




Advance level

1 Hour Core Workout Routine with Rebecca Kennedy - Functional Fitness



Figurerobics 5 by Jung Dayeon (ab and lower body, floor excercise)


Figurerobics 6 by Jung Dayeon (ab and lower body, ball excercise)


Saturday and Sunday

Get out of house, run/hiking 2-5 minles. Enjoy!

or try some high intensity work out and yoga.

Fat Burn Workout with Denise Austin (intermedian level)

Yoga Fit with Denise Austin (beginner level)