Now, it is the best time to start Trump TV!


During the presidential campaign, candidate Trump already pointed out that all media and TV channels were rigged, that they were all  fake news! The election result was the proof; all TV stations were incorrect, including Fox. So, which media could accurately broadcast President Trump’s executive orders, to be the true media for the government? Definitely not those known three-letter or four-letter TV stations! From now on, no one, neither Hillary fans nor Trump fans, will believe those three-letter or four-letter TV stations. The one trustable TV station name has to have five letters: Trump. It is just that simple.

From now on, President Trump will not get interviewed by any media except Trump channel 1.  People in the US will just turn to Trump channel 1 for updates on the president’s daily activities. Trump 1 will focus on topics, such as domestic affairs, presidential speeches and meetings with foreign leaders,just like Chinese CCTV 1.

Trump 2 will be about foreign affairs, reporting on the president’s foreign visits and all of the appraisals from foreign leaders. Of course, it will broadcast the First Lady’s visits in foreign countries too.

Trump TV stations will never be boring; they will be the best all-around TV station in the USA!

Trump 3 will be the Trump University. Who said that the Trump University was a fraud? From now on, it will have classes on TV every day, especially MBA and political campaign classes. It will be taught every week for 15 minutes by the American President!

Trump 4 will be 24/7 reality TV of the First Family in the White House. Who would watch the Kardashians when you could watch the reality show of the First Family in America? Do you want to know how the First Lady chooses her curtain? Do you want to find out what the First son’s favorite food is? Do you want to know if the President of America is snoring? Watch Trump 4.

Trump 5 will be hosted by the First Daughters. It will be about fashion, fitness, child care and gossips of the nobles in the world. The viewer rating must be number one in the world!

Trump 6 will be even better, hosted by the First Sons, broadcasting events live from Trump resorts all around the world, from golf tournaments to world class concert tours and international exhibitions.

Trump 7 will be about all types of game shows. The most popular one will be The Apprentice; to be precise it will be called: The Apprentice in the White House. Of course President Trump will finish every episode with his famous catch phrase, “You’re Fired!” Everyone  will turn to Trump 7 to find out the fate of the president’s top advisors and cabinet members.  Besides that, there will be all types of shopping shows with the Trump family brand products and Trump beauty contests.

Trump 8 will be the most interesting one: daily talk shows. Regardless of how people consider his character, everyone agrees that President Trump is an inspiration for all stand-up comedians.  So, every night, after his interview at Trump 1, the President will come to Trump 8 for a 5 minute stand-up show himself. He will talk about those idiots in Europe and all of the crooked and swamped American politicians.  After the 5 minute show is over, he will return to Trump 4 to sleep.



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